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Partial transcript of a conversation on October 18:

[ profile] nonelvis: I'm really glad you came with me on this trip.

[ profile] soccerjude: Well, I wasn't going to let you stare at Tennant's ass all by yourself.

Part two of the London trip: Stratford-Upon-Avon. )
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Transcript of October 15 SMS session, approximately 2:15am EDT:

nonelvis: Have arrived safely. Heathrow much bigger on the inside.

columbina: I told you Heathrow was non-Euclidean, but you didn't believe me.

Part one of the London trip, plus photos, after the cut. )
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I just got back from England a few hours ago and have oh so much to post tomorrow -- many photos, and a full report on Hamlet and Love's Labour's Lost, not to mention a general trip entry or two. Plus I've been mostly away from the flist and the rest of the internet for a week, so if I've missed any particularly interesting news or fic, let me know.

Short version of the trip, if you want to skip all my entries tomorrow:

  • London was fabulous. I hadn't been there in 25 years, and we saw all kinds of things that hadn't been there the last time. (The Eye! The Tate Modern! The Doctor Who exhibit at Earl's Court, because we are geeks!)
  • Stratford-Upon-Avon is a lovely little town, and the plays were everything I hoped they'd be. (Well, except that there weren't any nude scenes.) I did not actually leap over the balcony rail to jump on DT, although there were moments in LLL during which he undid his shirt where I seriously contemplated it.
  • Brought home nearly half a kilo of mint Aero balls. They are spherically shaped crack. Why can't we get these in the States? WHY?

Anyway, my body thinks it's 1:30am, but I'm going to stay up to watch Heroes anyway and go to bed afterwards in the hopes of readjusting to EDT. If you see any especially incoherent posts or comments from me during the next hour and a half, that's why.
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Have just returned from Love's Labours Lost and am filled with much squee. I'll have more to say on Tuesday, when I'll be back at my computer instead of typing on the iPhone, but for now let's just say I had an excellent view of DT, and there were some *very* distracting moments.

Hamlet in a few hours. I am having the best time in the world.


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