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I'm on another episode of the Reality Bomb podcast, this time talking about how "The Dominators" isn't complete crap, or if it is complete crap, I at least found it enjoyable crap. Look, it's got incredible costumes like this, so obviously it is high-quality Classic Who:

Anyway, give it a listen, and be as grateful to the editors as I am that they saved me from sounding like I couldn't string two words together.
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Really quick-like, because I have to leave to go teach in a minute: I'm a guest on the latest episode of the Reality Bomb podcast, participating in a panel discussion about the Moffat era. Many thanks to Graeme Burk for inviting me on the show, as well as dealing with what was apparently my iPhone's terrible mike quality (THANKS, APPLE).
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… I'm on today's Verity! podcast about fanworks. I've been enjoying Verity! since its very first recording, so I was delighted to be invited on to talk about Teaspoon and fanworks in general. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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Companion Piece cover

(xposted from Tumblr)

Things I am hugely excited about: this book, and not just because two dear friends of mine edited it. No, I am also hugely excited because I AM IN IT, writing about how Zoe and Liz are amazing women of science. There are also authors you've probably heard of, like Seanan McGuire and Mary Robinette Kowal, among others, but let's face it: you're buying this for me, right? Of course you are.

Complete TOC: after the cut )
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After Gally last year, I decided I wanted to catch up on all the Classic Who I hadn't seen. Like a lot of Americans of a certain age, I started watching on PBS with the Fourth or Fifth Doctor, and while I'd seen a whole heck of a lot of the original series, PBS' broadcast schedule was … let's say "quirky," shall we? Anyway, I looked at lists of old serials and calculated that I had at most 58 (I couldn't remember if I'd seen "Silver Nemesis") stories to go, which averaged to a little more than one per week if I wanted to see everything before Gally 2015.

As of today, I'm done.

If you follow me on Tumblr, you've already seen this list of highlights/lowlights, but I'm reproducing it here regardless:

The Edge of Destruction – like a little two-act absurdist play. SO GREAT.
The Keys of Marinus
The Chase
The Gunfighters – SHUT UP, this was delightful, and the song cracks me up.
The Tenth Planet
The Power of the Daleks
The Abominable Snowmen
Any Pertwee-era episode with Delgado. Seriously, if it has Delgado in it, I will watch it.
The Curse of Peladon – full of hugely clichéd tropes, and yet utterly delightful just the same.
Invasion of the Dinosaurs – I have no excuse for loving this one as much as I did. Wait, no, I do: Sarah Jane is awesome in it. Also, the dinosaur puppets are lolarious.
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

(You’ll note this list is missing some obvious favorites, like “The Aztecs,” “The Romans,” “The Enemy of the World,” “The Invasion,” all of S7, etc. This is because I’d seen those episodes before, so they weren’t part of this project.)

A few lowlights:

The Web Planet – Thank god I never have to watch this again. EVER.
The Celestial Toymaker – how you can take the game-playing trope and make it boring to me, I don’t know exactly, but this does it. I was really looking forward to this one, too.
The Space Pirates – tedium not helped by the generally poor quality of the reconstruction I watched.
Death to the Daleks – I was literally convinced for a while that this was some kind of experiment in just how boring you could make an episode of Doctor Who. Like “The Celestial Toymaker,” not even the game-playing trope, for which I am utterly weak and will watch in almost anything, could save this one.
The Monster of Peladon – I enjoyed the first three parts … and then the giant clusterfuck of parts 4-6 rolled around.
Planet of the Spiders – Laughably bad from start to finish. Boring, racist, stupid characters, and did I mention boring?

So, that's about 270 episodes I've seen over the course of the past nearly 30 years. And now, I can rewatch the ones I loved most without the slightest guilt about not watching the ones I didn't care for.
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A couple of months ago, [personal profile] prof_pangaea texted me with an idea for starting a fic fest for one of our favorite tropes: sharing a bed. And so, a comm and a fest were born:

[community profile] onlyonebed
[ profile] onlyonebed
[ profile] onlyonebed

Use whatever site you like; we'll make sure that the posts are mirrored in the right place. (Note to self: set up another IFTTT recipe to pipe LJ -> Tumblr.) The fest is open to all pairings and ratings; prompting runs now through December 14, with prompts open for claiming on the 15th, and fics to be posted during February 2015.

Complete welcome, rules, and prompting posts are already live on all three comms. Go forth, prompt, write, read, and most important: enjoy :D
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DW/TW/SJA porn reccing comm [ profile] three_settings is back, and we need reccers. I don't care who you are or what you like to read as long as it's a) well-written and b) involves characters of legal age, so please drop by the sign-up post, won't you?

(Please feel free to copy this message and/or promote the comm yourselves if you like. At this point, I have almost no shame in asking people to help me get it back off the ground. Many thanks.)
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1. Kinkmeme revival days, now underway! Head on over to [ profile] sizeofthatthing and write or prompt something, won't you? (But preferably write, as we have far more prompts than writers.)

2. [ profile] three_settings, the adult fic reccing comm, is back in business! Or rather, it will be in a couple of weeks – first, I want to get a little feedback from comm members. If you're a member, please stop by this post and respond to the poll; if you're not a member, join up, or leave me some suggestions on this public post. Either way, your participation in bringing even more pornography to the attention of Whoniverse fandom is greatly appreciated.
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... sign up for the [ profile] who_like_giants ficathon! This is an awesome way to make sure that some of your favorite minor characters (like a certain interspecies pair of lesbian crimefighters, or River's team, or Duggan, or whoever else strikes your fancy) get the fic love they deserve.

And now, back to work, or at least pretending to work until I can spend time writing my Cleaves fic tonight.
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1. I am now the proud owner of an iPad 2. Okay, I didn't desperately need one (although the ability to externally project from any application will probably come in very handy for work reasons), but then [ profile] columbina decided he wanted an iPad 1, and we agreed he'd subsidize my new purchase if I gave him my current iPad. I have a pink Smart Cover. It is nifty.

2. capslock and minor spoilers for DWS06E04 )
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Via Slackerwood. Everything about this video makes me happy.

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A couple of weeks ago, [ profile] emerald_embers left a comment on my story Time Enough for Love asking if she could record it as podfic. And I figured, hey, sure, not generally a fan of audiobooks myself, but if someone else wants it, why not?

But I have listened to it, and IT IS AWESOME. Especially since so many of the lines sounded just the way they did in my head, which makes me flail with joy like you can't even believe.

If you enjoy podfic (or even if you don't usually), and if you liked this story (or even if you haven't read it), I heartily recommend the download:


(Ten/Martha; stopwatch porn in 1969; adult, obvs)
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If I'd known before now that Arthur Darvill used to sing in an indie band, I'd have posted this video sooner. WHY SO CUTE, ARTHUR?
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I could have lived without the ableist insults, but the rest of this secret gets a big, fat HELL, YES from me. (Note that this is not my secret, but the original, TB!4 in this post, was too hard to read even at 100%, so I enlarged it.)

ETA: I should have added that the language used is NSFW, and that some people may find it offensive.
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Via, a man using a Faraday suit, two Tesla coils, and 500,000 volts of electricity to play the Doctor Who theme with lightning.

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Guaranteed to be of interest to several people on my flist: a complete box set of Daria will be out on DVD on May 11. (Sadly, it sounds like it might be Region 1 only for now, but that's what region-free DVD players are for.)
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We drove up to Mack Hill Farm today to visit our friends Frank and Lisa and see the new puppies:


Several more painfully cute photos after the cut. )


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