Aug. 14th, 2011 04:48 pm
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[ profile] columbina and I have been catless since Mr. Peterson died in January, but not anymore:

These are Ebony and Noir, two one-year-old sisters we got from SPIN, a no-kill shelter in Natick, MA. Ebony's the one with the splotch; Noir is the one with the round-eyed stare of OMG WHAT IS COMING TO KILL ME?!?! This is their Petfinder photo, only because they're busy acclimatizing to their new home in the way of all cats: quietly flipping out underneath a pile of scrapwood in the basement. Once they've settled in, I'll have more photos.
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I have been incredibly remiss about posting photos for APAD(ish), even though I have been trying to take one every day. Unfortunately, when I don't get off my ass and leave the house, that means a photo of the cat. (Maybe you find this more interesting than I do? This is probably because you don't live with the cat full-time.)

Anyway, photos 16-18, behind a cut so as to spare your friends page. Here. )
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As annoying as it was when the neighbors chopped down their giant Norway maple, leaving 8" holes in my yard and a (now deceased) colony of refugee carpenter ants in my house, the extra sun in the herb garden is making the flowers very happy. Especially the pyrethrum daisies:

Pyrethrum daisies

+3, after the cut )
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AKA "time for [ profile] columbina to pile stuff on the cat."

Bill-paying time
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Okay, I fail at not taking more than two cat photos during APAD(ish), but in fairness: look at this cuteness napping next to me and tell me you could have resisted taking a photo. No, you could not. And neither could I.

Napping Inu
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I'm having a nuttier-than-expected day, which means that I'm not going to have time to go take a photo outside, which means that I'm calling in Cat Waiver #2. Hey, I've got two cats, that's how it goes.

You're not going anywhere.
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I am tired and sore and calling in my Cat Waiver for APAD. Tomorrow's subject will be less homebound, as I must actually leave the house for a meeting.

Inu, default state
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After a relatively cool and very wet summer, we have finally hit hardcore August: 90+ degrees and humid, and scheduled to remain that way through the end of the week. This means that the cantaloupes – or maybe they're muskmelons, since I've long since forgotten what I planted – are finally getting enough sun and heat to bear fruit:

Baby cantaloupe!

Okay, okay, it's only one baby melon out of the the many, many flowers on the vines, and odds are it won't get a hell of a lot bigger by the time things cool off again, but still, it's one more melon than I was expecting given the weather earlier this summer.

Three more photos, after the cut. )
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Unimpressed Inu is unimpressed

1. Do not try to knit an octopus.

2. I cannot make a French knot to save my life.

3. I also apparently sometimes pick up stitches from the edge in the wrong direction, no matter how many times I try to pick them up in exactly the same way every time.

4. Knitting tentacles is incredibly boring.

5. The cats will never be impressed by my work.

6. Okay, at least it's kind of cute.
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W00t! Halfway there! Pesto with the CSA garlic scapes, CSA scallions, almonds, and parmesan cheese tonight. Served over linguine and chilled slightly in the fridge because it is wicked hot outside. Huge garlic punch, though the texture was a little dry because I was distracted during pasta drainage and didn't capture enough pasta water to thin things out. (Memo to self: do not try cooking while contacting credit card company about fraudulent charges.)

Anyway, to make up for the epic fail that has been much of this afternoon, have a photo of a sleepy cat:

Sleepy Inu closeup
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We don't know exactly when our kitties were born, but we're pretty sure it was early June, so traditionally, their birthday is MIT's commencement, which takes place at about the same time. Today, in fact.

Inu is a very sleepy 19.
The Inu in its natural state

Mr. Peterson is a slightly more alert 18.
Oh, fine. I'll pose for your damned photo.

They're definitely in that old, cranky, and declining stage of their lives, and I'm going to miss them when they're gone.
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I should be working. Instead, I am taking cat photos.

You are very boring today.

Back to work now, I guess.
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I either have killer death ick or seasonal allergies (maybe both, lucky me), so I'm sitting at home today not getting much done, largely because breathing without coughing takes effort. I would actually rather this be killer death ick than allergies, if only because a cold will go away much more quickly. I guess I'll know for sure in a week or so.

In the meantime, have a photo of a cat on our messy kitchen table.

You got a problem with me?
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It has been a really stupid day, and I have moved around far more snow than I really needed to, but there is no day so horrible that it cannot be redeemed by the presence of a sleeping cat.

Sleepy Inu
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Have just spent the last three hours or so doing my rec list for [ profile] calufrax this week, and now my brain is full. (On the other hand, someone on my flist should be keeping an eye out for tomorrow's rec ... .) And before anyone asks, yes, there are a couple of adult stories on the list, though only one of them is well and truly filthy.

I can't believe it's 5pm already. Where did the day go? I have dishes to do, and laundry to start (especially if I don't want to be wearing a ball gown to tomorrow's client meeting), and at some point I really need to finish up that Adipose, because my niece's birthday party is Saturday.

Oh, great, Mr. Peterson is awake and trying to crawl into my lap. Cats are always good for productivity. At this rate, none of the chores will be done until November.
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It was way too hot for apple-picking today, but we went anyway, because it's always fun, and also, there are fresh cider doughnuts. This is how we know it's autumn, even if it's 80 degrees outside: cider doughnuts, chased by ice-cold apple cider pressed at the orchard.

There are many, many apples in my fridge now, and some slightly underripe Bosc pears in the fruit bowl. Sometime before I leave for London, I need to find time to can applesauce and/or apple chutney. Right now, though, I am tired, and plan to spend the rest of the day doing laundry, knitting the last section of the baby blanket, and generally sitting on my ass.

One lonely apple

Three more photos, after the cut. )
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Admittedly, I'm feeling pretty lazy and unmotivated anyway, even though I need to leave in an hour or so to run some tests.

But this isn't helping.

Why I'm not getting any work done today
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It's the cats' office. I just work there sometimes.

Cats in office
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Larger versions at Flickr, as always.

Spoiled Rotten Inu
Spoiled rotten Inu

Still Life With Cat and Bills
Still life with cat and bills


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