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I love Marathon Monday. I love that people from all over the world come to Boston to do what feels to me like the completely absurd but admirable pursuit of running 26.2 miles, something I know I could never do. (Longest run: 2.25 miles.) I love watching the marathon at home, because I am just so damned impressed people can do this at all. The marathon coincides with when spring finally starts to hit Boston, and the city and suburbs always turn out in force to welcome and cheer on the runners.

trigger warning for the rest of this, just in case )
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Every year, I gripe about doing my taxes -- not because I object to paying them, but because the process can be so confusing. And every year, Intuit finds some new way to fuck me over, but usually I complain behind f'lock, because almost everything personal I post is locked.

This year, though, I'm posting about this publicly, because they have managed to fuck me over BEFORE I EVEN DOWNLOADED THEIR SOFTWARE. Because it turns out I can't download their software, because the butt-clenchingly expensive TurboTax version I need as the co-owner of an LLC IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR THE MAC, despite having been available for the past couple of years, and despite the Mac's increasing market share.



ETA: Taxes now complete, but of course, there's more to the story. After the cut. )
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My niece's fifth birthday was today, but since the family-only party isn't until next week, I spent some time today looking for a birthday card. I know that the children's birthday card selection is probably always going to be dominated by licensed cartoon characters; I find the level of commercialism slightly distasteful, but it doesn't surprise me.

What does tick me off, though again, I'm not surprised by this little issue, is how highly gendered the card selection is. The girls' cards are pink to a fault, and covered with glittery princesses. The boys' are blue and green and have robots and superheroes. This makes me fairly cranky, since I was a girl who had a much-loved Tinkerbell figurine from Disneyworld and a slot car set, and I know my niece is being raised by parents who have no problems with her wearing a tiara and pink tutu while she talks about how much she likes Spider-Man.

But what finally made me stomp out of the card section today was seeing the dinosaur-themed cards were all for boys. What child doesn't like dinosaurs? But no, they're for boys only. RAGE.

However, after I had a brief discussion on Twitter with a few other equally outraged folks, [ profile] columbina took one of their ideas and ran with it. Thus, the birthday card my niece will see next week has her in a princess costume riding a velociraptor. As my sister just said to me on Twitter: "If anybody could ride a velociraptor, I predict my daughter will be it."

Screw you, card industry. Dinosaur-riding princesses of the world, unite!

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I probably shouldn't make this post, but I am, because I have had it.

I do not care if you don't like Steven Moffat's work. I do not care if you don't think he ships Doctor/Rose enough, appropriately, or at all. I do not care if you don't like River Song. Fandom is large and diverse, and we will never agree on everything. That's perfectly normal, and doesn't bother me in the least.

What I hope we can agree on is that it is absolutely not okay to refer to Moffat as "Herr Moff" or a "TV!Hitler" simply because you don't like his episodes, his characters, or what his plans for the show might be. I don't care how much you say you were "kidding"; it isn't funny. It will never be funny. Hitler killed millions and millions of people; nearly six million of my people alone. My thesis advisor had a number tattooed on her arm, and a pair of legs permanently damaged by the Nazis who ran her over for fun. A showrunner who doesn't share your preferences is not remotely similar to the genocidal, megalomaniacal dictator who ordered these deaths. Not even close. Suggesting such a thing even in what you think is a joking manner is disgusting and utterly reprehensible.

If you are one of the people in question, don't even bother trying to comment here. I banned you the moment I saw that thread. There is only one thing I want to hear from you anyway: "I'm sorry. I did something foolish, ignorant, and offensive. I won't do it again."

*By the way, if you are friends with the people who made these comments, please know that I don't judge you for being friends with them, or hold you responsible for their behavior in any way. They are responsible for themselves.
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I know several people on my flist are scientists, researchers, or generally interested in science research, and since a few of you may not have heard yet about the fan fiction survey, consider this an object lesson in Doing It Wrong. Seriously, how do you get to the point of having a PhD in a scientific field and not realize that you can't change the questions in the middle of the survey without affecting your data? (And that's the least of the problems with this little project – it's just one of the most obvious points of Science Fail.)

The survey is finally down while the researchers "digest all this great feedback." Personally, I agree with the anonmeme theory that this is subtle code for "BRB, BU IRB SMACKING OUR ASSES, AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY YOU FOLKS WRITE ABOUT."
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Ouija for girls. In pink, naturally.

Found via the Onion, and yes, it's for real. I couldn't skewer this any better than they did, so go read their article.
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I have just spent nearly an hour on the phone with my sister trying to determine our flight dates and hotel possibilities for the London trip. Virgin Atlantic is having a big sale, so we thought, what the hell, we'll book our flights tonight if we can find good pricing.

"Premium Economy," as in, "slightly roomier cattle-car," is $690 round-trip. Sweet! And then you add the $460 of taxes and fees on top of that.

Allow me to repeat that: an additional $460 in taxes and fees, or 2/3 the cost of the ticket.


We wisely abandoned our plan to buy tickets tonight and are instead going to start looking at package deals, since you can now start booking for the early fall. We may end up having to fly economy after all, but such is life. My willingness and ability to splurge on this trip ends somewhere around the point where I have to nearly pay for an entire second ticket to get where I'm going.


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