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Normally, I'd post this on New Year's Eve, but I'll be out much of tomorrow at Star Wars (again) and a lovely dinner, so you get it tonight instead.

Fic written in 2015
*hic* (Ten/Jackie, PG)
Last Hurrah (Twelve/Clara, Adult)
Sex Storm (Twelve/River, Adult)
The Girl Who's Got Your Number (Twelve/Missy/Clara, Twelve/Missy, Twelve/Clara; Adult)
Soft Jaws, Strong Bite (Twelve/Romana II, all ages)
Near Enough to a Lifetime (Twelve/River, adult)
Tumblr Executive Suite: After Dark Edition (Coppy/user, all ages except WHY WOULD YOU READ THIS?!)
Squaring the Circle, Circling the Square (Photoshop Eraser tool/Photoshop lasso tool; all ages, sort of, and again, WHY WOULD YOU READ THIS?!)

Leitmotif of the year
Twelfth Doctor fic, apparently, which I didn't even realize until I compiled the list above. Also, things I should not have written.

Overall thoughts
  1. Holy shit, I wrote a nearly 11,000-word fic in less than two weeks! I've never written anything that fast! And I still really like it!

  2. ... and I also wrote two stories featuring lust from an inanimate object, and I should probably be locked away from polite company forever.

My best story of the year
Unquestionably The Girl Who's Got Your Number. The characterization work was complicated, the plot work was complicated, the sex was ... challenging at points, but I literally could not stop writing it until it was out of my head. I am really, really happy with how it turned out even if it has a fairly limited audience.

My favorite story of the year
Also The Girl Who's Got Your Number, for the same reasons above.

Story of mine most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion
The Girl Who's Got Your Number. Shut up.

Most fun story to write
Probably both of the entries in my Office Supply Chronicles collection. Neither of them was particularly difficult, and both had me giggling maniacally while I wrote them.

Story with the single sexiest moment
For me, they're both Twelve/Clara moments: it's a tie between all of Last Hurrah and the Twelve/Clara couch sex in The Girl Who's Got Your Number.

Most "holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story
How can I possibly choose in a year in which I wrote Photoshop Erase tool/Photoshop lasso tool? Other things I almost certainly should not have written:

... so yeah, I guess I outdid myself this year.

Story that shifted my own perception of the characters
I don't know if any of them did, to be honest, unless you count never having assumed before that the Photoshop Erase tool and Photoshop Lasso tool had personalities, much less needed hate!sex.

Hardest story to write
Soft Jaws, Strong Bite. Oh, man, I went through at least three totally different drafts of this before one stuck, and I was terrified I was going to have to drop out of [community profile] who_at_50. But I have never dropped out of a fic-writing assignment and wasn't going to start now, so I made myself figure something out. Were I a better writer with any gift for plot whatsoever, this would have been the total screwball comedy it was in my head, as opposed to the much simpler comic fluff it wound up as.

Biggest disappointment
Also Soft Jaws, Strong Bite, because I'm disappointed in myself for not having been able to make the original ideas work.

Biggest surprise
I posted Near Enough to a Lifetime maybe five hours ago, and it already has two bookmarks and 27 kudos on AO3, plus comments on Teaspoon, plus comments on LJ I haven't responded to yet. What the hell. I mean, I'm pleased with how the story turned out, but it doesn't push my buttons in quite the same way that some other stuff I've written has, so I am slightly perplexed by the reception. This is not a complaint; it's just me being confused that not everyone has the same taste I have, dammit.

Most unintentionally telling story
None of them, I don't think, although Near Enough to a Lifetime shares an element with a story from last year that I guess I found hot enough to repeat.

Story I haven't written yet, but intend to
I still have to finish that Missy/Clara fake-dating fic! Clearly, the world needs this. Or at least I do.


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