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Now that all three recipients have their octopusses, I can share a photo:


I got the pattern from the Dapper Toad over on Etsy, and it was very easy to follow. I did actually have to switch to dpns for the ears instead of continuing to magic loop on circulars, just because I was dealing with something so small, but for once the dpns behaved and didn't hurt my hands.

In fact, the hardest part of making these was finding the cat's eye buttons, which I ended up buying through Suncrafter Craft Eyes on Amazon. I need to order more soon for the current project (a yeti!), which might leave some spare for more octopusses. OH WELL.
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TARDIS shawl

Knitty's Bigger on the Inside pattern, made in a nice Cascade Superwash variegated navy that I think looks like weathered TARDIS paint, and with an utterly screwed up lace section because I'd never knitted the stuff before and didn't realize I was supposed to alternate directions on the pattern. OOPS. Still looks lacy, though, which is the important thing. Well, that and the bit where it's done, what with my having to frog parts of the lace at least twice, plus picking up all 340 stitches for the lower part three separate times, plus frogging the lower part once.

Yeah. Glad that's done.
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My first pair of socks!

KnitPicks Time Traveler (obviously), done in magic loop. There are a few tiny mistakes, but I'm the only one wearing them, so I don't care. Lessons learned for next time, anyway.

Of course, it's nearly 90°F (32°C) here today, so way too hot for socks. But that is BESIDE THE POINT. The point is, they're done, and I love them.


May. 3rd, 2011 04:57 pm
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Three tiny bunnies I made for [ profile] platypus:


Bunny butts!

Made with scrap yarn from this free Mochi Mochi Land pattern. NGL, they're a little bit of a pain in the ass; you knit them on #1 circular needles or dpns, and the final bunny is the size of a jumbo olive. On the other hand, they're only a pain in the ass for about 45 minutes, and at the end of it, you have a tiny, adorable stuffed bunny whose adorableness can only be improved by making more.


Dec. 23rd, 2010 11:04 am
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I knitted a squid for [personal profile] lizbee. Because I had the yarn, and I had the squid pattern, and it was Christmastime, so why not?


I told myself some time ago that I would never knit tentacles again, but these were much easier than the previous set of tentacles, largely because they were sewn up instead of being knitted in the round with a ridiculously small number of stitches. I used some nice wool yarn I had left over from a sweater I never finished making quite some time ago, and the evil bamboo yarn, last seen as bronze Dalek bumps, continues to redeem itself as an accent color. (I still hate knitting with the yarn, but the color and texture make up for that.)

I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out, and extra-pleased with the USPS for getting the squid to Australia in seven days flat.
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My body is busy turning energy into mucus, so unfortunately I'm not well enough to attend my niece's fourth birthday party today. Which is a shame, because I was really looking forward to seeing her wear this:

Dinosaur hat

It's based on this Brain Monster hat pattern, though I made it slightly shorter so it would fit better on a smaller head, and I knit in the eyes so there was no risk of my niece or her one-year-old brother removing and eating the googly eyes called for in the pattern. It's also in green yarn (Cascade Superwash, I think) so it looks more dinosaur-like, since the niece has entered a dinosaurs-are-awesome phase I hope lasts a good, long time.

I have to make another one of these for a friend – he says he's going to wear it snowboarding – but it's silly enough that I'm tempted to make one for myself, too.

(BTW, the white cord at the top of the photo is an Airport Express power cable, not part of the hat – the hat is resting on top of the router.)
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Yeah, I know, there aren't any purple Daleks. (Yet.) But there should be.

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An op art baby blanket for [ profile] haineux, his wife, and of course the little baby-to-be.

Op art baby blanket

It may look a little misshapen here, but that's normal; this photo was taken while I was wet-blocking it to straighten it out. It looked positively amoebic when I took it off the needles!

Made in Ella Rae Amity, and my first project knitting with two circular needles. It was easy and lots of fun, though by the end the blanket was so large that each row took a good 25 minutes.


Mar. 22nd, 2010 12:40 pm
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I finished knitting my first sweater last month, but am only now getting around to (crappily) photographing it:

My first sweater!

(Gee, it would be nice if there were some broad, flat surface in our home with decent lighting. Alas, that is not the case.)

Anyway, it came out pretty well. The pattern was easy to follow, and the sweater fits perfectly, although the bell sleeves can make eating a little tricky. (It's also less shapeless than this photo makes it look; click through to the pattern to see it on a mannequin.) This may be my one and only sweater though, unless I find a pattern that is largely knit in one piece, as I have confirmed that there is nothing I find more tedious and annoying than sewing seams.

Still, I got it done well before my deadline of "finish before winter ends," and I'm pleased with the results.
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It's my friends' son's first birthday today, so having sent them Top-Seekrit Knitting Project, I can finally reveal it here:


One more, after the cut )
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Unimpressed Inu is unimpressed

1. Do not try to knit an octopus.

2. I cannot make a French knot to save my life.

3. I also apparently sometimes pick up stitches from the edge in the wrong direction, no matter how many times I try to pick them up in exactly the same way every time.

4. Knitting tentacles is incredibly boring.

5. The cats will never be impressed by my work.

6. Okay, at least it's kind of cute.


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