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The backstory is that one of our routers died today, leaving us sans wireless network. Considering the number of internet-enabled devices in our home far exceeds the number of residents, even including the cats, this is a problem. (And how little am I looking forward to reconfiguring the home network? Gin may need to be involved.)

That's not how I know I live in the future. No, that's because after a long drive in pouring rain to get my first winter CSA share, I went to the mall to buy a new router. The Apple Store was packed to the gills with people, and the wait to talk to someone who could sell me anything was clearly going to be significant.

But I'd read this morning that the Apple Store had released its own app allowing you to check out your own purchases, so here's what happened:

1) Thread my way through the crowd to the back of the store, where they keep the routers.

2) Connect iPhone to store's wireless network; download Apple Store app.

3) Launch app; touch option to purchase something; get little rectangle in which I must line up the product bar code.

4) App recognizes bar code and asks me to confirm my purchase, which is charged to the credit card attached to my Apple account.

5) Receipt appears on my phone.

6) Leave store.

Total elapsed time in mall: five minutes.

And now, to go configure a network. If only it were as easy as buying the router.
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I don't celebrate Easter, but I will never turn down seasonal candy, especially not creme eggs. So when the Craft blog linked to a recipe for creme eggs, I knew I was going to have to try it ... plus this meant I could make a dark chocolate version of one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

The recipe is very easy, but the author isn't kidding about needing to chill the fondant and roll it out quickly; it gets sticky within minutes, and I almost considered moving my little egg assembly line outside into the snow. Also, without egg molds (which I didn't have and wasn't planning on buying), I ended up skewering the top of each egg and dipping it into chocolate, which unfortunately left a vertical channel down the middle of each egg. Nevertheless, that didn't affect the taste, which was HOLY CRAP SO MUCH BETTER THAN REGULAR CADBURY CREME EGGS WHICH I ALREADY LOVE WITH AN UNREASONABLE SUGAR-CRAVING LOVE.

Egg interior

No, seriously, they really are better. The fondant is more solid -- though I suppose that's a minus if you really crave the gooey centers of the original -- and the dark chocolate tempers the sweetness just enough that I could probably eat several of these at a sitting, which I am under no circumstances allowing myself to do, much as I'd like to. Next time, I'm going to make the centers a little more yellow, but otherwise, this recipe is a keeper. Even if I really only should make it once a year.
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Via, a man using a Faraday suit, two Tesla coils, and 500,000 volts of electricity to play the Doctor Who theme with lightning.


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