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Mini versions of this recipe for apple pie with a cheddar crust. I've made the recipe before, and it was delicious; this time, I added smoked paprika to the crust and lemon oil to the filling, and had to restrain myself from eating everything before it was baked.

I probably could have stretched this to eight pies instead of six if I'd been really careful. Next time.

Mini apple pies with cheddar crust
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We visited Macdonald Park in Medford today, not far from where we live. It was a gorgeous, sunny fall day, and the sea oats were especially pretty in the sunshine.

Sea oats in the sun

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I didn't mean for today's photo to be of a cat, but at least this one isn't mine; he surprised me and my business partner as we were leaving a client's office.

Mystery kitty!

He was terribly unfriendly. )
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Congo bars, from the Rosie's Bakery recipe.

Congo Bars
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I have been incredibly remiss about posting photos for APAD(ish), even though I have been trying to take one every day. Unfortunately, when I don't get off my ass and leave the house, that means a photo of the cat. (Maybe you find this more interesting than I do? This is probably because you don't live with the cat full-time.)

Anyway, photos 16-18, behind a cut so as to spare your friends page. Here. )
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It's going to get awfully close to freezing this week, so it was finally time to pull everything out of the garden. This meant puréeing the basil and parsley so we can enjoy it all winter long.

Four cups of green goodness, now sitting in six individual bags in my freezer.

Basil-parsley purée
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Some of the yards in my neighborhood are creatively decorated. (It's not normally decorated with skeletal feet, but hey, Halloween's on the way.)

Yard art
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Getting a little desperate for photography subjects at home, but this one's got some interesting color, and has a surprising amount to say about me. There's the pink gel pen I like to use for proofreading. The shiny silver and orange ballpoints from two different tech firms I've worked with. The children's pencils with Sanrio and other Japanese cartoon characters, because I love their cheerfulness, and the similarly amusing Peeps pencil with matching eraser. An X-acto knife I used to use to cut line tape and waxed stories on resin-coated paper for the college newspaper.

And of course, the talking Dalek pen and a sonic screwdriver.

The pen and pencil jar
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I was downtown this morning getting my hair cut, so I snapped a few photos of the Boston Public Library and the Old South Church. But I wasn't totally pleased with them at the time, so while stopped at a traffic light on my way to the grocery store, I grabbed a quick shot of the street and the storm clouds that are starting to gather.

At the time, I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if those classic tourist shots turned out to be much less interesting than this two-second, barely framed iPhone shot of Somerville Avenue I took through my car's windshield?"

So there you have it.

Somerville Avenue, right outside Porter
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This "photo a day" thing is really eluding me this year, probably because October is a slow month for me in terms of leaving the house for meetings, and there are only so many things I can photograph around my house before I get bored. However, to make up for missing a couple of days, I have some extra photos.

This one's from the woods near one of the paths at Drumlin Farm, where my summer CSA share comes from. (I'd have taken a shot of the cute chipmunk I saw instead, but he was too far away.)

Still life with rocks and logs

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"Wang Corn Snack," a two-foot tower of multicolored corn puffs, at the H-Mart in Burlington. I didn't buy these, but that's only because given enough time, I am perfectly capable of eating that many corn puffs, so it's best not to have such things in the house.

Wang Corn Snack
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Cinderella pumpkins at the local grocery store.

Cinderella pumpkins
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I totally flaked on APAD(ish) yesterday, but that's why it's "ish" and not just plain "APAD." However, I more than made up for it today at the Topsfield Fair, though I'm only posting one shot for now, because I'm too tired to deal with uploading and tagging all the rest. Picspam tomorrow.

In the meantime: goat kids! One of them was asleep on the fence rail (the other was asleep on the first goat), and this little girl couldn't resist petting them. Can't say I blame her, because they were adorable.

Girl + goats
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Made these garlic knots tonight to go with caldo verde, and yes, they are as good as they look.

Garlic Knots
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This was my view for about an hour and a half this afternoon. Out of deference to those of you with the Dental Fear, I will spare you the description of what a gum graft is like and just say that I feel like I've been punched on both sides of my lower jaw.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to dislodge a cat from my chest and go track down another ice pack.

Dentist's lamp
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I only have one aster plant, but it's covered with flowers right now. I should really put in some more next year.

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Purple and orange ones from the CSA, which is replenishing our supply faster than we can eat them. These four ended up in the carrot cake currently in my oven, and more will turn into a mustard-dill carrot side dish to be served with meatloaf ... which will probably also have a carrot in it. And even with that, I bet I still have a pound of the suckers left before we get the next batch on Wednesday.

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From today's apple-picking excursion.

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It's October, and thus it's time for A Photo a Day(ish). Will I make it all 31 days this year? Let's find out!


Today's photo was going to be of the stunning purple asters in my backyard, except that the Boston area is currently catching the edge of a tropical storm, and I didn't feel like standing in my backyard trying to shoot photos. (Also, I need more batteries for my camera.)

Instead, while walking back to my car after lunch today, I saw this statue in Radcliffe Yard and snapped some quick shots with the iPhone. The statue is dedicated to the memory of the Radcliffe Institute's first director, Constance E. Smith, but frankly, I find it kind of creepy, especially with the dark spots from where the rain was trickling down. Honestly, I'm not sure why someone would consider this an inspirational tribute, and since it's hard to find information about Smith online, I have no idea whether the statue represents something important about her personality, her life, or her work.

It'll just have to remain a mystery. A creepy mystery.


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