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Have been awake for three hours already. Am supposed to be getting up at a reasonable hour to drive out to the 'burbs to meet a friend for brunch.

Please kill me.

!*!$#*!#! insomnia
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It is too damned early for this shit.

Winter math

Mar. 2nd, 2009 11:03 am
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We live on a lot approximately 40' wide.

I shovel our sidewalk to clear a 3' path.

As of yesterday, the Boston area had received about 56" of snow. I estimate we had another 8" on the ground this morning, bringing the total to 64", or 5.34' of snow this winter.

This means that I have shoveled 636 cubic feet of snow over the past several months.

I am ready for spring ANY DAY NOW, please.
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I have already bitched about the cut scene from JE, but reading the transcript today and seeing that it apparently is entirely for real, and was filmed and everything before they cut it, makes me really, really cranky. It was a dumb idea, and a badly written scene, and has the characters behaving completely somewhat differently than they do in a later earlier scene. Fortunately, the fact that it was cut means I can call it non-canonical, which is nice for any number of reasons, not in the least of which it means that something in the story I am writing doesn't get Jossed.

At least this news story about a very, very dumb criminal popped up to help me de-crankify. "Unworkable, barmy and bizarre" doesn't even begin to cover that plot, I think.

(Edited because I re-read the scene and realized it took place later than I thought. BUT IT'S STILL DUMB AS ALL HELL.)
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I have just spent nearly an hour on the phone with my sister trying to determine our flight dates and hotel possibilities for the London trip. Virgin Atlantic is having a big sale, so we thought, what the hell, we'll book our flights tonight if we can find good pricing.

"Premium Economy," as in, "slightly roomier cattle-car," is $690 round-trip. Sweet! And then you add the $460 of taxes and fees on top of that.

Allow me to repeat that: an additional $460 in taxes and fees, or 2/3 the cost of the ticket.


We wisely abandoned our plan to buy tickets tonight and are instead going to start looking at package deals, since you can now start booking for the early fall. We may end up having to fly economy after all, but such is life. My willingness and ability to splurge on this trip ends somewhere around the point where I have to nearly pay for an entire second ticket to get where I'm going.
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6:45am-7:45am: Shoveled out front steps, car, and most of driveway.
7:45am-8am: Shower and get dressed.
8am-8:10am: Unexpected pre-meeting phone call.
8:10am-8:30am: Breakfast
8:30am-8:40am: Last-minute email checking and meeting prep.
8:40am-8:55am: Remove last bits of snow and ice from car.
8:55am-9:20am: Drive to client site.
9:30am-12:15pm: Client meeting. (Note: this was supposed to end at 11:30am. However, it resulted in slack time being added to the schedule, so WIN.)
12:25pm-12:45pm: Drive home.
12:45pm-1:10pm: Lunch.
1:10pm-1:30pm: Catch up on all the email missed while out at meetings.
1:30pm-1:35pm: Discover that new "Voyage of the Damned" promo is online. Watch it twice, because it is awesome.
1:35pm-5:04pm: Email. Phonecalls. More email. IMs, business and personal. More fucking phonecalls. More email. STILL MORE FUCKING PHONECALLS. Short break to make rosemary walnuts for friend's party this evening. YET MORE EMAIL. Unexpected additional business proposal work.

Is it cocktail hour yet? It had better be.

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Current fic status: Just over 4,000 words, with only one major scene transition and the last bit of the ending left to go.

Current hatred level for Russell T Davies: High, due to the following factors:
  1. He has given fandom a character whom it is almost impossible to write without emphasizing her Mary Sue-ness.
  2. He allowed Toby Whithouse to get away with emasculating Sarah Jane in "School Reunion," thereby making a rather important line I've written sound insulting to her when that's not my intention.
  3. "Gridlock" is on tonight, and though I'll probably watch it out of inertia, it will undoubtedly continue to suck.

Urge to Kill: Surprisingly low. Maybe it's the nice weather outside.

Oh noes!

Jul. 3rd, 2007 09:03 am
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In all the fuss about whether the DW series finale completely sucked or just mostly sucked (though I realize there are a few people who actually liked it), I think we are losing sight of the worst part of this entire series:


I feel cheated. Rusty, please send David Tennant over here to correct this problem immediately.


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